Racism is Taught

Racism sucks and it’s disgusting how some individuals act like they’re afraid to talk about it. I noticed patriotism being used to disguise racism. Sadly, some racist people hate their own shadow because it’s black. Love comes naturally, hate is learned. For example, take a moment to think about what happens when children get together. When a child notices another child instantly, they react because they want to play. Some children are friendlier than others however, one child may stare and the other may get closer to let that person know they want to play. One child may say hi and give the other child their toy. Both children may look at mommy or daddy to assure it’s okay to play with each other. Furthermore, the children are going to always play with each other unless mom or dad say no. Meanwhile, racism is taught. As a child you are happy, any little thing makes you laugh. As you get older you are taught what to do and what not to do. Also, you learn who to play with and who to stop playing with. Children couldn’t care less about skin color unless an adult put it in their head not to talk to anyone with that skin complexion. Truth be told they do not care about your age either that’s why they expect adults to play all day without getting tired before them. Unfortunately, some children get in trouble when they love certain people and they’re manipulated to hate certain people at a young age. Some children grow up and remain racist because that’s what they have been taught for years.