Love is Universal

Love is interesting because no matter how much you try to deny it, that feeling of true love is uncontrollable. It’s easy to say I’m not going to fall in love again, but honestly, it’ll happen again. Once you meet your soulmate, you would understand how often you contradicted yourself about the L word. Ideally, we like to think we know it all when it comes to us however, some stuff we find out in the moment. You would swear up and down you would never date anyone who speaks a different language than you, who’s shorter than you, taller than you, fat, skinny, light skin, dark skin, and the list goes on to the point you would appear shallow. Anyway, after your list of specifications you would find yourself falling in love with the person you swore you would never date. That proves my point, love is universal.Two more examples before I end this… When it comes to a blind person, they feel love by the way you touch them and when it comes to a deaf person, they see love by the look in your eyes. There you have it, love is universal.