Be the Solution

Instead of being part of the problem, you need to be the solution. This world is full of problems.

It’s a lot of trash outside, stop littering. Instead of adding to the filth put it in the garbage can where it belongs. If you miss simply pick it up because it makes no sense to drop garbage by the can. I hate to see trash next to the garbage can. Dropping garbage on the floor or ground is nasty and lazy.

I understand you may think the homeless want money for drugs,but some of them are hungry and need food. Do a good deed and feed the homeless. I’m sure if you were starving and had no money to eat you would want someone to help you. Pay it forward and give to the needy. They’re less fortunate than you therefore, it’s important for you to be the solution and make a difference in their lives.

This world is full of miserable and evil people, so stop hating and start loving. A simple hello and a smile could make an unhappy person day. Go ahead, be a blessing to someone… Are you still here? Go… Stop reading… Honest, stop being a part of the problem and be the solution.